Business Consultancy in the Energy Sector

Market analysis, estimation of market trends, understanding local regulations, project design and approvals, brokerage and agency services and open source business intelligence

Business Consultancy in All Industrial Sectors

Market and competition analysis, understanding local regulations, brokerage and agency services and open source business intelligence

International Representation

We are Lubri-Loy authorized agent for the whole Europe. Lubri-Loy is US based company offering the most technologically-advanced, highest-quality premium lubrication products

Interim Management

Temporary engagement of an experienced manager for the purpose of solving different business problems quickly and efficiently

Oil prices world-wide

Companies we represent and/or consult

What is the fifth quadrant?

A quadrant is a fourth part of something. In the typical graphical representation using a coordinate system, everything best is usually placed in the fourth, upper right-hand quadrant.

The fifth quadrant, naturally, does not exist, it represents an imagined situation, "better than the best", but it can serve as a strong challenge to those aiming for excellency. Because only excellency in every business aspect leads towards the "fifth quadrant".