About Fifth Quadrant

The Person Guaranteeing the High Level of Services of Fifth Quadrant

A seasoned manager with over 20 years of experience working for Shell, one of the leading multinational companies. Worked in an international environment as director general and director of division. Very experienced in sales management on the international level, establishment of the optimum route to market, and turnaround management. At Shell also engaged in strategic development on the European level. Successfully leading international teams for years, and often served as mentor to younger talented colleagues.

Career: Took up the position of Director General of Shell Zagreb in 1998, where he remained until 2004. In this period, Shell Zagreb places itself among the 100 most profitable companies in Croatia.

Skalicki then took over the position of Director for the Mediterranean, significantly raising the profitability of the region with his international team. In 2006, he became director of indirect sales channels in Italy, optimizing the route to market and fully restructuring the network of distributors, which resulted in increased sales and cut costs.

Until July2008, he engaged in strategic planning, leading a global team for the strategic development of Shell's European route to the lubricants' market.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, in December 1960. Graduated in petroleum engineering from the Zagreb University.

Career in the Past 10 Years

  • 2008 (September) until present
    Fifth Quadrant Ltd. – owner and CEO
  • 2008 (April-September)
    Shell Global Lubricants – B2C Strategy for Europe project leader
  • 2006 – March 2008
    Shell Italia S.p.A. - director of lubricants indirect sales channels for Italy
  • 2004 – 2006
    Shell Italia S.p.A. – director of the Consumer lubricants department for the Eastern Mediterranean
  • 1998-2004
    Shell Ltd. Zagreb – director general


English – advanced level in speech, reading and writing

German and Italian – business level in speech, reading and writing

Professional Training

  1. Interim Management Workshop (London, 2008)
  2. Leadership Programme, IMD Business School (Lausanne, 2008)
  3. Corporate Management for Members of Supervisory and Management Boards (Faculty of Economy in Zagreb and Split, 2008)
  4. Group Business Leadership Programme, PDI (London, 2007)
  5. Gender Awareness, Shell (Rim, 2006)
  6. Diversity and Inclusiveness, Shell (London, 2004)
  7. HSSE Dupont Training (Rotterdam, 2003)
  8. Leadership Challenge, Shell (Amsterdam, 2003)
  9. Coaching for Performance, Shell (Amsterdam, 2000)
  10. Sales Management Academy, TACK Int. (Cardiff, 1999)

Company Information

Fifth Quadrant Ltd.
Remetski kamenjak 11
HR-10000 Zagreb

Registered with the Court of Commerce in Zagreb
OIB: 19528585891
MBS: 080651027

Director and member of the Management Board:
Miro Skalicki

Bank account no.: 2360000-1102013737
IBAN: HR2423600001102013737
Zagrebačka banka d.d., Zagreb