Business Consultancy

  • Market analysis and its specifics as well as competition analysis
  • Evaluation and analysis of key factor influencing successful business performance
  • Consultancy related to local regulations in general, but in particular regulations related to foreign investments and other regulations relevant for successful finalization of business venture
  • Brokerage and agency services between potential investors with project owners (developers) or already operational production facilities
  • Management consultancy related to performance improvements like turn around management, creation of first class sales organization, route to market optimization, leadership skills enhancement
  • Open source business intelligence and assistance in establishing business contacts within state and / or local institutions
  • Assistance in establishing business contacts with key legal entities within energy sector in the region
  • Establishing contacts and communication with key stakeholders who have interest and / or possible influence in particular business venture
  • Promoting  business ideas and / or completed projects
  • Project monitoring from start until finalization